what we are all about



Hello and welcome to Lady Luna Botanica!

I’m on a mission to destigmatize “curandersimo”, and spread these sacred traditions and medicine all over the world. Yes, I dream BIG and so should you!

Once again, welcome to Lady Luna Botanica. A safe space for all things wellness.

My name is Lluvia Luna and I am the manitas (hands) behind Lady Luna Botanica, a indigenous, female, family owned business created and located in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Lady Luna Botanica, was created during my healing journey as a way to reconnect with my culture, roots and ancestors. I am humbled to have inherited healing gifts (touch, clairvoyance herbalism, magick) both sides of my lineage and through this journey was able to learn from some of the wisest herbalists and curanderx but most importantly, learn to channel the ancient wisdom within.

Originally,  this “gift” was only shared with family and then, clients through (sobadas/massage) as a way to empower them in taking healing into their own hands but also learn to tap into that sacred wisdom within.

Eventually, I decided to channel all of the years of experience and education into creating these products and Lady Luna Botanica was born!

Today, Lady Luna Botanica has become more than products, I offers a wide range of healing modalities (traditional/modern), products  spiritual guidance, readings, and workshops. All which will serve as allies during your journey.  Providing a little bit of magic for everyone , regardless of where you are in your process.

At Lady Luna Botanica you may find herbal-infused remedies, crystals, candles, spiritual tools and so much more! All products are inspired by my cultural roots, spiritual connection and love of music.

Feel confident in knowing that all services are ethical and pure. All products are made with the high quality ingredients, are ethically sourced and as sustainable as possible, but mainly, everything comes from love.