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Healing 7 Generations

With the vibration of the sixth sun upon us, and so many changes, we need to tap into the sacred wisdom of ancient cultures that always honored healing of the ancestors. As science has now shown, the emotions and traumas of our ancestors can affect our health and emotional state. Making this the perfect time for “Healing 7 Generations”.

Over the course of 9 sessions (9 is the number of change), we will clear old winds of karma Including: poverty, anger, sadness, guilt, oppression, injustice, abuse of power, misuse of word, low self-esteem, bad relationships, aging, abusing one’s body, sexual energy and anything that prevented them from fulfilling their greatest destiny and the future of their next generation (that’s where you and your family comes in).

In addition, we will do one of the most sacred rituals of the ancient wisdom: cutting off any negative influence and destructive energy stored in our blood Allowing us to be free of “human” weakness and empower our blood with the sacred energy of the mother earth and universe.

Enter you cave of power and manifest the best life possible for you, your family and future generations!

This, will be your LEGACY!

To fulfill this healing, one must complete all 9 sessions. I understand life happens, you can follow along as able. if you miss a session, you can always book a private session to complete your 9

COLLECTIVE SESSIONS; will meet via zoom 1-2 a month as a group.

FAMILY SESSIONS: these are private meetings between me and up to 5 family members. Again, I understand some folks are more open to things than others, therefore, I recommend you encourage your family to attend at least once. The more frequency, the better. As long as you complete your 9, the family will still benefit from it. In my own experience, i started my journey and as my family saw the transition, they began to follow along. We have to be the wheel the steers the bus to change! Meetings will also be held via Zoom (until covid-19 restrictions clear)

1:1 SESSIONS: can be done in office (San Juan Capistrano) or online. This is an exclusive session just for you. Online sessions, I will guide and hold space, you will do the work.

In-person sessions, you lay back and get a full limpia by me all while clearing ancestors.

To schedule any private sessions, please email: ladylunabotanicals@gmail.com with desired date and time. You can always call as well.

Collective sessions will be announced as they become available.



Feeling heavy? Things seem to keep falling out of place? Can’t get to where you want to go? 

Don’t know what you want out of life? Surrounded by negativity? Angry? Frustrated? Can’t sleep?! All of this can be resolved with a “Limpia” also known as an energy cleanse!

Limpias have been used to rid us of unwanted energy that we may have picked up from others,  places we have been or past traumas we have endured through our life. When this happens, energy becomes stagnant and therefore so do we. A “limpia” will help bring things back in balance, restore and shift the energy to get things flowing in a positive direction. Most experience feeling “lighter” and “relaxed” after the session but once its over is when it truly begins! 

You will notice things around you will change, your environment and situation will change! 

This session is a sacred tradition and is very effective. During this session, Lady Luna will use a variety of tools including: sacred floral waters, blessed incense,  sound healing, crystals and anything needed to get you feeling good.

Energy Cleanse is an ancient purification practice that helps to clear our energetic field and clear the energies that have become dense enough to cause blockages. Using a fan of cleansing herbs and spiritual herbal waters, the medicine of the plants will draw harmful energy from a person to carry it deep into the earth where it can do no harm and be transformed back into life energy. 

1hr. session

****This work is a gradual process. Do not expect to release a lifetime (or several lifetimes!) of wounds in a session. Be patient with yourself and the healing process. Often there are many layers of healing that need to release one layer (or part of a layer) at a time in the process of energy cleansing.****

Chakra Balancing &
crystal therapy

Chakras are energy centers in the human body; each corresponds to different glands and governs specific parts of the physical body and areas of the psyche. Chakras are located deep within the center of the physical body next to a hormonal gland along the spinal column. Chakras draw in the divine life-force energy from the universe and distribute this vital energy to the physical glands and organs throughout the body and bloodstream specific to obtaining optimum health and well being. Chakras are considered to be interrelated and affect one another, therefore achieving optimum balance of these Chakras provides a state of total well being emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When your chakras are “out of balance” it can show up in many forms:

Anxiety, restlessness, tension, stress, insomnia,  lack of appetite, over eating,  lack of joy, irritability, moodiness,  fear, anger, boundaries, communication issues, confidence,  self-acceptance,  self-esteem,  and the list goes on.

Using the power of crystals and healing energy, Lady Luna will guide you back to balance.


Lady Luna will use a card deck to deliver the messages that your guides have for you. 

3 options available 

Full Moon Read : useful information to navigate the month ahead. Available the week of that month’s full moon (85)

Full read : Get clarity to questions you have bout your life (120)

Quicky : Have a question? Get an answer (45)

* session can be done over the phone, in-person, or zoom/social media connection

Dream Interpretation

Do you ever wake up and wonder what that dream means? Have you ever been somewhere that felt “familiar” yet you’ve never been there before?

Dreams are a window to the subconscious, they are a method of communication between our spirit and our guides. We can reseve messges and warnings about situations we are living and at times steer us clear from making big mistakes.

Nahualismo is an ancient, indigenous practice that helps us heal through “dream state” and Lady Luna has been a student for the last 3 years. 

Lady Luna had vivid dreams since she was a little girl and never fully understood what it all meant. As she got older the dreams became more and more intense and started seeing the patterns and messges begin to unfold amd began the journey of learning about nahualismo.

During this session, you will share your dream 

and Lady Luna will channel and connect to what your guides are trying to communicate to you.

Session can vary from 30-45 min.

Full Moon limpia

Similar to a regular energetic cleanse but with a very special ingredient, the full moon! Full moon energy is in place 3 days before and 3 days after, so you can recieved a limpia during this period srill benefit from it’s magickal energy

Lunar energy is extremely cleansing and helps use release and recharge. During this session, Lady Luna will use a variety of tools including: sacred floral waters, blessed incense,  sound healing and guided meditation. 

Session lasts about 60 min and includes a “platica” before and after the cleanse. 

All “enerfetic” healings are available via distance and in-person. Just as effective as being present and in person! Session can be done with you connected via Instagram DM, Zoom or I can preform the session and we can connect to discuss anything that came up afterwards.

Limited In-person session available 

To book your session, please add your desired method of connecting along with desired date/time


An infused massage is simply a massage using theraputically-infused  products.  It does not contain t h c in the oil, but instead to open your skin’s sensory profile, heal your muscles and tendons, and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.Perfect for any conditions that being pain and inflammation! All ingredients are organic, ethically sourced and made by Lady Luna herself!

30 min sessions are wonderful for hitting target areas. Most enjoy focus on back, neck and arms. You can’t go wrong. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, work behind a desk or work outdoors, this is a real treat!

* After purchase, Lady Luna will contact you to schedule an appointment. You can always call or email to schedule as well.

Please email before purchase if you need clarification or have questions about our custom blends/theraputical flowers and oils

stressbuster massage

30 min. session, perdect to accommodate a busy lifestyle. 

Back, chest, arms, neck and head … great stress buster. Targeting all of the common areas that accumulate tension.