Distance Or In-person Limpia



Feeling heavy? Things seem to keep falling out of place? Can’t get to where you want to go? Don’t know what you want out of life? Surrounded by negativity? Angry? Frustrated? Can’t sleep?! All of this can be resolved with a “Limpia” also known as an energy cleanse!
Limpias have been used to rid us of unwanted energy that we may have picked up from others, places we have been or past traumas we have endured through our life. When this happens,
energy becomes stagnant and therefore so do we. A “limpia” will help bring things back in balance, restore and shift the energy to get things flowing in a positive direction. Most experience feeling “lighter” and “relaxed” after the session but once its over is when it truly begins!
You will notice things around you will change, your environment and situation will change!
This session is a sacred tradition and is very effective. During this session, Lady Luna will use a variety of tools including: sacred floral waters, blessed incense, sound healing and guided meditation.

After purchase, please contact Lady Luna to schedule your appointment.

** Lady Luna does not practice any dark arts, nor work against anyone’s free will, so don’t ask. She works with the essence of mother earth and creator to help bring forth your best possible outcome**


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