Healing 7 Generations



With the vibration of the sixth sun upon us, and so many changes, we need to tap into the sacred wisdom of ancient cultures that always honored healing of the ancestors. As science has now shown, the emotions and traumas of our ancestors can affect our health and emotional state. Making this the perfect time for “Healing 7 Generations”.

Over the course of 9 sessions (9 is the number of change), we will clear old winds of karma
including: poverty, anger, sadness, guilt, oppression, injustice, abuse of power, misuse of word, low self-esteem, bad relationships, aging, abusing one’s body, sexual energy
and anything that prevented them from fulfilling their greatest destiny and the future of their next generation (that’s where you and your family comes in).

In addition, we will do one of the most sacred rituals of the ancient wisdom: cutting off any negative influence and destructive energy stored in our blood Allowing us to be free of “human” weakness and empower our blood with the sacred energy of the mother earth and universe.
Enter you cave of power and manifest the best life possible for you, your family and future generations!
This, will be your LEGACY!
To fulfill this healing, one must complete all 9 sessions. I understand life happens, you can follow along as able. if you miss a session, you can always book a private session to complete your 9
COLLECTIVE SESSIONS; will meet via zoom 1-2 a month as a group.

FAMILY SESSIONS: these are private meetings between me and up to 5 family members. Again, I understand some folks are more open to things than others, therefore, I recommend you encourage your family to attend at least once. The more frequency, the better. As long as you complete your 9, the family will still benefit from it. In my own experience, i started my journey and as my family saw the transition, they began to follow along. We have to be the wheel the steers the bus to change! Meetings will also be held via Zoom (until covid-19 restrictions clear)

1:1 SESSIONS: can be done in office (San Juan Capistrano) or online. This is an exclusive session just for you. Online sessions, I will guide and hold space, you will do the work.
In-person sessions, you lay back and get a full limpia by me all while clearing ancestors..
To schedule any private sessions, please email: ladylunabotanicals@gmail.com with desired date and time. You can always call as well.

Collective sessions will be announced as they become available.


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