‘Huicho Dominguez’ -Money, Health & Wealth




Huicho Dominguez’ – ¡Salud, Dinero y Amor!

Invite the luck of “Huicho Dominguez” if abundance in money, health and wealth is what you’re looking for. A divine combination Citrine, Green Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye amulet is a beautiful way of manifesting these energies into your life. Charged under ‘New Moon’ intention,
these lovely gemstone amulets are magic in a beautiful glass bottle and are corked to preserve the magic close to your heart!
¡Salud, dinero y amor!

• Green Aventurine – Know to be one of the luckiest of gemstones. Healing properties are enhanced when worn near your solar plexus and help aid in liver, amd heart health along with clearing negative blocks.

• Citrine – promotes happiness, joy and positivity! Helps you breath in new life and transform negative into positive.

• Tiger’s Eye – brings in harmony and a great ally against anxiety. Wear to attract wealth!


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