‘Paint it Black’




This set is a MUST for every home, every space and everybody! This set was intuitively selected to protect and assist you through all shifts and changes. To keep you and your loved ones safe and ready for anything that comes your way.

• Shungite – brings harmony between the body & universe, very protective against EMF and harmful frequencies. A MUST for everyone!

• Onyx – grounding, gaurds against negative energy, stress relief

• Fire agate – creates a protective shield, a “return to sender” stone, ill wishes will be sent back to sender (without karma for you). Grounding, it will help you “get it done!”

• Black Tourmaline – grounding, protection, blocks negativity

• Jet – clears and protects you from impure energy, grounding

• Carnelian – provides mental strength, courage, grounding, focuses on the “here and now”, letting go of past experience.

• Black Obsidian – protection from negativity, provides psychic protection, aids with addiction, anger, stress


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