Red Jasper Slab tealight holder


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A stone for warriors , the defenders of justice! A powerful stone for protection, courage to face unpleasant situations and rectify a “wrong”, but most of all wisdom.<br /><br />Red Jasper is a stone of vitality, blood flow, focus, determination, strength … of life force! <br />It helps calm the emotional body, bringing you the ability to overcome illness, and complete your goal (follow through).<br /><br />Red Jasper is a wonderful allie to have, to help you when times get rough!<br /><br /><br />Offering:<br />1 – Thick slab tealight candle holder made from Brazilian Red Jasper<br /><br />Each candle holder is unique; color, shape, size will vary<br /><br />Approx. 4″ – 5″ W, 1.25″ H<br /><br />Tealight candle NOT included<br /><br />


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