Rough Black Obsidian tealight holder


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Black Obsidian is a gift from the gods!

When the hot lava from volcanos cools and mixes with ash it created this beautiful, powerful glass stone we know as Obsidian

Black Obsidian provides support during changes. Helps us explore and understand our “shadow self” making it safe tool when facing addiction. Extremely protective, blocks negativity and absorbs negativity energy from the environment (think EMF)

Obsidian helps ease tension, mental stress and brings clarity to a confused mind!

You will receive
1 rough Sodalite tealight holder.

Each candle holder is unique; color, shape, size will vary

Approx. 3″ – 4″ W, 2″ H

Tealight candle NOT included

Imported from Mexico

Handle with care … this is glass


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