Suci@! Bath Salt




Don’t get caught being a sucio/a!

Rid yourself of unwanted energy with this potent blend of:

• Epsom salt –
• Black Salt –
• Cascarilla –
• Rue –
• Lemon peel
• Sage oil
• Lemon oil

If your looking for something beautiful and full if roses … this isn’t for you. Healing isn’t always beauty baths, unicorns and rainbows …. this one is to get the job done!

To use: fill your bath tub with hot water, set your intention (rid myself of negativity, etc.), sprinkle the bath salt into tub and then get in. Bathe for 20 min and then get out. You can rinse with clean water afterwards. To make this even more potent, do this during a full moon!

If you don’t have a bath tub, no need to worry .. fill a small tub and place your feet in! It works just as well as a regular bath.


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